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Wink & Save a student's sight

 80% of learning is through Vision, if a child cannot see, they cannot learn. 


About Diana

Eyeball doctor turned eyewear frame designer for "Mi Gente".

Diana Says:

"Finding eyewear (eyeglasses) that fit my patients (and myself) was always a challenge in my Chicago practice. My patients predominantly Latinx did not fit in the current eyewear styles. Most eyewear designs in the market are European styles.

Having wider faces, higher cheekbones, with flatter nose bridges caused eyewear to slide off their noses, float on their face and the colors did not compliment our beautiful skin tone.

I researched and inquired frame Manufacturers only to be told: "We don't make that. No one wants it, no one buys it" Gasp!

I complained to my husband about the frustration of not finding nice glasses that fit and he replied: "Stop complaining and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT"

So I did.

"La Vida Eyewear" was born.

La Vida eyewear has a collection for wider faces, higher cheekbones, and flatter nose Bridges. We are currently designing amazing petite styles. La Vida is designed in beautiful colors to compliment our gorgeous skin tones. No more compromising fit for fashion with our smart fit designs. No more glasses sliding off your face, too tight on the sides and in colors that just didn't look right. Now, You can have it all! We are very inclusive and have various designs for all fashionistas as well so check out our styles available at your local friendly Optometrist!