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Our Services

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Marketing for your practice

Discover Marketing strategies to grow your private practice

We didn't learn great Marketing strategies in Optometry school so...

Learn how to:

  • Fill your schedule with Ideal patients. Not the Vampire ones that leave your drained after the eye exam. 

  • Create marketing that "Speaks" to your ideal patients so they book right there and then.

  • Run Google Ads that work and don't drain your bank account (great ROI)

  • Create a unique customer experience in your practice that will lead your patients to refer everyone they know the moment they leave your practice.

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Frame and Optical

Are you maximizing your Optical frame profitability? 

Discover the frames to carry in your private practice that are aligned with your ideal patients, sell through well and have maximum profitability


Learn Frame secrets that no one else will share with you


Add the right Luxury eyewear and grow your revenue this year  

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Human Resources

Having challenges hiring and retaining great staff?

Discover a five-step system that will ease the onboarding process 

 Want profitable strategies
for your private

Keyboard and Mouse

The essence of strategy is choosing

what NOT to do


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What Our Clients Say

Jen Chinn

Chinn's Vision Care

Coaching and mentorship with Dr. Canto Sims is one of the best personal and business decisions you can make. She will not only empower you to be the best practice owner you can be, but she'll also help you become an amazing leader. Being new to ownership, there were SO many items on my list that needed to be done, but the hardest part for me was understanding what was the priority and where to even start.

In a few short months, she taught me there were many more things to be added to the list of great importance and eased me into taking the first step. Dr. Canto Sims runs an extremely successful practice and one of the invaluable things about her coaching is, she's so generous in sharing tips and pearls of wisdom to help make your path to success easier. She truly wants you to be the best practice owner you can be.

She helped me understand the importance of building a brand that centers around the ideal customer/patient you want to attract to your practice. It opened my eyes to the fact that it's a lot like specializing. You can either be mediocre at catering to the masses, or you can develop and grow into being unmatched as a doctor and practice for your niche.

She taught me how putting the right processes in place are crucial to making sure the practice can run effectively. This can help save lots of time and energy. She helped me organize and prioritize the list of processes that need to be worked on in order to build a foundation and continue to improve operations.

Finally, the accountability partnership is a really helpful tool that she offers. She holds you accountable, challenges you, and questions you in all the right ways. The feedback she provides is priceless and it helps you keep the ball rolling, instead of always talking about changing things or learning or doing something, it helps you actually try and do it!

There are so many things that I've learned from Dr. Canto Sims and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be coached by her. If you are considering being coached by her, do it. It will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

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